The Digital Education Partnership

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a reference number?
This number is so we can confirm your donations has been received. Please ensure this is attached to your device securely i.e. with Sellotape or a sticky label

Why do you need my Address or the Weight and Dimensions of the parcel?
All of these details our required for us to book your courier. Without these we will not be able to book your courier and can cause delays.

Will you wipe my device?
Yes, all devices are wiped down to bit level and a new operating system included. No data on the device will be accessed in the wiping process

My device is missing a charger/hard-drive/battery, can I still donate?
We would still like you to donate your device. Where possible we will aim to refurbish your device and make it fully operational again. Any devices this is not possible with, they will be destroyed.

I have checked the specifications, and I am not sure if my devices meets all the requirements, can I still donate?
Yes, pleas still donate. We will aim to refurbish it. If we are unable to your device will be destroyed.

Why do you not accept tablets or Macs?
This is because our current refurbishing process does not work on these devices. If this changes, we will accept these devices. Until then, please consider contacting your local school to see if they can accept the devices directly.

I cannot remove the password from my device, can I still donate?
Yes, you can still donate. We will wipe the data and no data will be accessed during this process. Please look at our data wiping policy.

Can I pay for the courier?
If you wish to cover the cost of your courier, please feel free to make a donation on the Just Giving Page:

Do I need to secure the device for the courier?
Yes, please box and pack your device safely for the courier to collect. If you have a pre-paid label, please ensure this is attached to your parcel.

My label is not recognised at the drop off shop or with the courier?
Contact us and we can re issue a new one.

How long does the courier take if I would like a courier?
Once you receive your prepaid label the courier will be booked for next working day 09:00-05:30pm